Misery For Trapped Asylum Seekers in Greece: Daily Brief

Thousands of asylum seekers, including kids, remain trapped in overcrowded camps on the Greek islands; Liberia's president should seek justice for past crimes at UN; potential abuses against older people in Australia; reports of arrests as Uganda's Bobi Wine returns home; Azerbaijan crackdown continues; nightmare facing Rohingya who dare to return home to Myanmar; and protesters arrested as they complain about working conditions in Turkey. 

Children with Disabilities Face Barriers to Education in Nepal: Daily Brief

Plus: Election countdown begins in Thailand; consumer rights under threat in the US; International Criminal Court countries show support after Bolton's attacks; Spain will keep on selling weapons to Saudis; US intelligence-sharing threatens privacy; blinded by xenophobia in Brazil; and further unlawful bans in Myanmar.

Police Crush Peaceful Russia Protests: Daily Brief

Hundreds of peaceful protestors detained in Russia; Myanmar's leader defends jailing of journalists who blew whistle on Rohingya massacre; a victory for human rights in Europe and Hungary; prisoners will not be moved to safety ahead of US hurricane; thousands of refugee kids on Greece's islands are not in school; Pussy Riot member feared poisoned in Moscow; Uganda's prisoners being used for free labour; US gun crime is a human rights crisis, says Amnesty; & US administration turns blind eye to Saudi's bloody war in Yemen. 

Yes Vote for Rights in Hungary!: Daily Brief

Plus: Cambodia should free political prisoners; prominent photographer jailed in Bangladesh; why has the head of torture center in Nicaragua been promoted?; vague charges could mean death penalty for Saudi cleric; most of Uganda's prisoners working on farms; Burundi on the spot for refusal to cooperate with UN rights team; quiet diplomacy by Australia proves ineffective for jailed filmmaker...

Vote Yes for Democracy in Hungary: Daily Brief

Will European Parliament vote yes for democracy in Hungary?; 'Pariah state' threatens International Criminal Court judges; ending child marriage in the UK; no school for asylum-seeking kids in Greece; when will war crimes in Nepal finally be prosecuted?; history of violence on repeat in Uganda; and join us & support Saudi feminists!

Massive Crackdown in China's Xinjiang region: Daily Brief

Plus: UN Human Rights Council urged to stand by victims; how to ensure justice for victims in Myanmar; Kurdish leadership in Syria jails opponents; US' dismal record on refugees; immigrant children in the US may be detained indefinitely; and a former police officer is killed in Uganda …

Glimmer of Hope for Justice in Burma: Daily Brief

Plus: Vote yes for Hungary; Thailand prosecutes online critics; South Sudan, deadly for aid workers; children with disabilities can't attend school in Serbia; UK should end child marriage; and HRW condemns attacks on Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

India Legalises Gay Sex: Daily Brief

India legalises gay sex; Qatar ends exit visas for foreign workers but concerns persist; kids still separated from their migrant parents in US detention scandal; student activists in Iran being denied an education; British Conservatives need to promote democracy in Europe; blow to women's rights in Tunisia over inheritance rights; armed anti-migrant militias emerge in eastern Europe; & outrage continues over jailing of Myanmar journalists who exposed massacre. 

Mauritania Punishes Rape Survivors: Daily Brief

Plus: Activists locked up in Iran; Nepal should support survivors of sexual violence; US-based rights groups form coalition against corporate litigations; lack of support for inheritance law in Tunisia; journalists’ arrests exposes claw back against press freedom in Myanmar... 

Exodus from Venezuela: Daily Brief

Venezuela's deepening refugee crisis; combatting Hungary's authoritarian slide; reflections from the LGBT frontlines; some good news from Cameroon and Chemnitz; and an important message from the "Australien government."