Millions of Girls Out of School in Pakistan: Daily Brief

Plus: Pakistan negotiating a safe haven for Aasia Bibi; stifling dissent in Bangladesh; Rohingya refugees fear being sent back to Myanmar; recordings link Saudi Crown Prince to Khashoggi death; trade union leader viciously attacked in Kazakhstan; cracking down on LGBT people in Tanzania; and false rumors on social media sparks murder in Mexico.

End Child Marriage in Pakistan: Daily Brief

Pakistan is about to end child marriage; dramatic drop in rates of female genital mutilation among girls in Africa; cruel European migration policies leave refugees trapped in Libya; torture & rape before elections in DR Congo; worries about 2019 elections in Thailand; UN chief endorses killer robot ban; and will France stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia?

China's "Men-Only" World of Work: Daily Brief

Gender discrimination still rife in China's civil service; crude persecution of "suspected" homosexuals in Tunisia; US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was no friend to human rights; Hungary brings criminal charges against top investigative reporter; jailed Reuters journalist pens children's book from Myanmar prison cell; another human rights lawyer is murdered in the Philippines; helping people with diabetes in Russia is now "foreign agent" activity; and US quietly floats idea of lifting Sudan's "terror state" label... 

Populism, Repression & Fear: Daily Brief

The populist president's police murders in the Philippines; China rightly rounded on for its rights record & repression; Turkey's president highlights Saudi crimes but not his own; Hungary's authoritarian slide & its European supporters; fear after activist's death in Ukraine; landmark rulings on land rights in South Africa; and oh yes, almost forgot: the US midterms...

Support Love, Not Hate: Daily Brief

HRW joins call to support love, not hate after synagogue shooting in US; human rights at stake in US midterm elections; UN spotlight on human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia & China; rescuers at sea face baseless accusations in Greece; justice in Syria one essential step closer; and good #BehindTheBling news.

Repatriation Plan Puts Rohingya at Risk: Daily Brief

Plus: International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists; Lebanon's criminal defamation laws; protests in Sri Lanka; South Sudan's deathly war; how the US State Department downplays reporting on women; and Brazil court strikes down restrictions on university speech.

Sexual Violence in North Korea: Daily Brief

Women in North Korea face sexual violence and rape at the hands of high-ranking officials, police and soldiers; Egyptian government lashes out over torture allegations; Pakistan finally frees Aasia Bibi after 8 years on death row for blasphemy; Turkey should free civil rights leader Osman Kavala; fears of famine in Yemen; & excessive force against protesters by soldiers and police in Nigeria kills 45 people. 

Spotlight on China's Human Rights Abuses: Daily Brief

Why is China allowed to stay signed on to human rights treaties it blatantly violates?; good news from Pakistan & Russia; ISIS suspects at risk of torture & unfair trials in Iraq; vicious attack against anti-corruption activist in Equatorial Guinea; new attack on free speech in Zimbabwe; and Trump's planned executive order ending US birthright citizenship.

The Far-Right Threat in the US: Daily Brief

The far-right threat in the US; Trump sends military to border in pre-election antics; pressure rising on LGBT people in Indonesia; Thai junta announces its own weakness; and Qatar's commitment to refugees falls short. 

Violence against Reporters as Brazil Votes: Daily Brief

Journalists in Brazil face violence & abuse before Presidential election; Saudi-led airstrike kills civilians in Yemen; son of murdered Saudi reporter Jamal Khashoggi reaches safety; authorities in India target Amnesty International; unjustly jailed environmentalists in Iran may face death penalty; Palestinian Authority vows to investigate systematic torture; and Hong Kong’s heightened crackdown on dissent.