Businesses Backing Away from Saudi Arabia: Daily Brief

Plus: Philippines and Eritrea don’t belong on UN Human Rights Council; rebels kill civilians in Central African Republic; Court questions activists for helping migrants in Greece; gender pay gap in Brazil; Tajik athlete faces deportation over his beard; Malaysia to abolish death penalty; Czech Republic's transgender sterilization policy violates the right to health; and European medical experts call to defer unnecessary intersex surgeries.

GirlForce: Daily Brief

International Day of the Girl; will Saudi Arabia face any consequences for disappeared journalist?; torture in Egypt; environmental activists arbitrarily detained in Iran; and ending the stigma around disabilities in Russia.

A Dictatorship's Best Friend: Silence - Daily Brief

Saudi allies' weak response to disappeared journalist; Sri Lankan military and government land grabs; violence against women in Kenya; first ever Global Mental Health Summit; breaking the chains in Indonesia; and Trump expanding his detention camps for children.

Saudi Crackdown Hits New Low: Daily Brief

Reporter Jamal Khashoggi disappears in Saudi consulate in Istanbul; after Kavanaugh debacle in US, we need to hold men accountable; Interpol president disappears in China; Trump’s call to re-weaponize ‘drug war’; lessons from Mexico's human rights catastrophe; good news from Romania, and very bad news from Bulgaria.

Nobel Recognizes Fighters against Sexual Violence: Daily Brief

Plus: HRW opposes Kavanaugh's nomination; unfair processes for migrant kids in Paris; missing Saudi journalist; India deports ethnic Rohingya; Pakistan expels 18 NGOs; Oleg Sentsov reportedly ends his hunger strike; and Tokyo passes a law against LGBT discrimination.

US Detention of Children Getting Worse: Daily Brief

Detention of migrant children in the United States is only getting worse; bauxite mining boom threatens rights in Guinea; upsurge in killings in DR Congo's "ebola zone"; hope for Eritrea's political prisoners?; new domestic workers law takes effect in Morocco; cynical Romanian referendum tries to redefine "family"; repression against activists in Vietnam; and HRW discusses human rights concerns with Lebanon's leaders.

Breaking the Chains in Indonesia: Daily Brief

Shackling people with mental health conditions in Indonesia; the threat of white supremacy in the US; UN staff partners unwelcome in US; civilians on Ukraine's front lines; discriminatory testosterone regulations in sport; forced labor and slavery worldwide; Hungary responds absurdly to Europe's criticism; and Saudi Arabia cracks down on... economists? 

Who Should Control Your Body? (hint: you) - Daily Brief

Plus: Kavanaugh hearings in the US; Duterte admits to extrajudicial killings; Erdogan visits Germany; New UN body for Myanmar; Sweden stops Uighur deportations to China; Australia must guarantee military exports are not used in unlawful attacks in Yemen; and landmark resoultion on Venezuela.

Misery For Trapped Asylum Seekers in Greece: Daily Brief

Thousands of asylum seekers, including kids, remain trapped in overcrowded camps on the Greek islands; Liberia's president should seek justice for past crimes at UN; potential abuses against older people in Australia; reports of arrests as Uganda's Bobi Wine returns home; Azerbaijan crackdown continues; nightmare facing Rohingya who dare to return home to Myanmar; and protesters arrested as they complain about working conditions in Turkey. 

Children with Disabilities Face Barriers to Education in Nepal: Daily Brief

Plus: Election countdown begins in Thailand; consumer rights under threat in the US; International Criminal Court countries show support after Bolton's attacks; Spain will keep on selling weapons to Saudis; US intelligence-sharing threatens privacy; blinded by xenophobia in Brazil; and further unlawful bans in Myanmar.