New HRW research on Ethiopia's notorious 'Jail Ogaden' has revealed a "brutal and relentless pattern of abuse, torture, rape and humiliation." Prison officials and security forces have been detaining and horrifically torturing prisoners there for years, the new report has found, which also implicates the region's paramilitary force, the Liyu police, in the terrible abuse uncovered


Even the most well-meaning family and friends can ask the wrong questions of rape survivors. Instead of focusing on the perpetrator's crime, many people instead focus on how the attack occurred, placing an entirely inappropriate focus on what the victim may have done 'wrong'. 

More than 10 months have passed since Myanmar’s security forces launched a sweeping campaign of rape and other brutalities against the Rohingya, and the babies conceived during those assaults have now been born. Here are some survivors' stories

Both Jordanian and Israeli authorities should allow Syrians fleeing fighting in one of the last government-held areas of Syria to claim asylum and protect them. Hundreds of thousands of people remain trapped in border areas in dire conditions. 

The human rights situation and humanitarian crisis unfolding in Venezuela is now so grave that it demands urgent action from the UN Human Rights Council

Two journalists in Angola face baseless criminal charges for nothing more than doing their jobs. 

Months after the start of an anticorruption crackdown in Saudi Arabia, authorities are still holding a senior prince and several dozen businessmen and former officials in detention, and recently have made new arrests too. 

With elections in Zimbabwe looming, the military has made a welcome announcement that it will not interfere with the democratic process

And finally, just hours after being effectively forced out of her job by the government, Poland’s top Supreme Court justice took a defiant stand on the courthouse where she works and has vowed to keep fighting to protect Poland's constitution and the independence of the nation’s courts.