Women and girls traveling in the former Unity State in South Sudan face rape and other forms of sexual violence. The government and the United Nations peacekeepers should ensure effective patrols in the known danger spots and help facilitate effective investigations and prosecutions of these crimes.

It’s encouraging to see Tanzania President Magufuli publicly commit his government to ending some of Tanzania’s most egregious forms of exclusion and discrimination. But the sincerity of that commitment remains to be seen

When it comes to Saudi Arabia, the UK government’s support for human rights defenders is virtually nonexistent.

Ethnic millitias in Mali killed civilians, and authorities began investigations. Millitia members found responsible should be appropriately prosecuted.

Maldives President Ibrahim Solih’s government should prioritize rights by protecting vulnerable communities, and strengthening the national human rights commission.

A tribute to Medi Ssengooba, a selfless and tireless work advocating for accessibility for persons with disabilities.