Government security forces in Zimbabwe have responded to protests over higher fuel prices with live ammunition, rubber bullets, and teargas, which they fired at the protesters and into people’s homes. Social media and internet access have also been restricted. Five people have been shot dead while a further 25 people have been treated for gunshot injuries.

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo ignored Bahrain’s human rights problems during his recent visit to the country. His failure to raise rights concerns in public emboldens Bahraini authorities and sends a message to Bahraini activists they should not look to the Trump administration for support.

LGBT Brazilians fear the worst under Brazil's new president Jair Bolsonaro. He has asked his minister of human rights to ignore all complaints and violations involving lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender Brazilians. 

The UK Parliament has voted overwhelmingly to reject the government's proposed Brexit deal, setting out how the country might leave the European Union. But a 'no-deal' Brexit would leave workers' and residence rights for millions of people up in the air.

Eritrea, found by a UN inquiry body to have committed crimes against humanity, is nevertheless about to assume membership of the world’s top human rights body. 

Russia might disbar one of Crimea's last remaining human rights lawyers, Emil Kurbedinov, because of his work on politically charged cases.

And a 17-hour siege has left 14 people dead in an attack on a luxury hotel in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. The Somalia-based militant group al-Shabab says it was behind the attack.