Many garment workers in factories in Pakistan endure long working hours with no bathroom breaks, lack of access to clean drinking water, forced overtime, and no assurance of paid maternity and medical leave. Workers in smaller factories catering to the domestic industry face even more difficulties where owners hire laborers on oral contracts and refuse to pay the minimum wage.

Lawyers in China risk disbarment for merely defending activists in court or for reporting on prosecutions. Most recently, a case against human rights activist Huang Qi, came to a mysterious ending after his lawyer was disbarred and the others threatened against speaking about it.

The US Supreme Court allowed President Trump’s ban on transgender military service amidst widespread opposition from the public, some military leaders and many from both sides of the political divide.

Where are these three Thai activists? They were last seen in Laos. Is the Lao government sweeping their abduction under the rug?

A bill lowering the age of responsibility from 15 to 9 has been approved by a congressional committee in the Philippines. If it becomes law, it will worsen conditions for Filipino children caught up in the justice system. 

And finally, in 2018, Ethiopia set a good example to neighboring countries by committing to revising repressive laws, lifting the state of emergency, and ordering the release of tens of thousands of political prisoners.