Tunisian officials have been dragging their feet on helping bring home Tunisian children held without charge in foreign camps and prisons for families of Islamic State (also known as ISIS) members, Human Rights Watch said today. Most of the children are held with their mothers, but at least six are orphans.

The US has stepped back on keeping the issue of North Korea’s abuses in front of the UN Security Council. The help of other countries, especially from Europe, is desperately needed.


There are worrying new amendments to Egypt’s constitution coming down the pipeline...

The Kenyan police and the South Sudanese authorities should ensure effective, transparent, and impartial investigations into the enforced disappearance of two South Sudanese critics in Nairobi more than two years ago, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said today.

Proposed plans to get rid of rules designed to protect largely low-income consumers from abusive high-interest loans risk the well-being of some of America’s most vulnerable households.

There's some bad news wrapped up in an EU-Morocco fisheries deal. Despite serious questions about its compatibility with International Law (because it includes occupied Western Sahara), the European Parliament has given it a green light.

Today, we remember Alison Des Forges, the rights champion who wrote the definitive account of the Rwandan genocide.

The human rights world and the sports world are both still celebrating: Hakeem is free! 


Finally, more good news: Later this year, smartphones will have 59 new emojis representing people with disabilities