United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres should publicly denounce the arbitrary detention of one million Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang during his ongoing trip to China, where he will stay until April 27 to attend the Belt and Road International Forum on Cooperation. 

The reported attack by armed men on asylum seekers and migrants in a detention center this week highlights the growing risk to thousands of detainees during ongoing fighting in Tripoli.

Myanmar’s authorities have made a series of arrests of peaceful critics in recent weeks. The parliament, which begins its new session on April 29, should repeal or amend repressive laws used to silence critics and suppress freedom of expression.

The African Union should reconsider its decision to restrict the autonomy and mandate of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, which threatens to render this critically important body obsolete and irrelevant.

India’s Supreme Court should ensure that its examination of the sexual harassment complaint against the sitting Supreme Court chief justice protects the rights of the woman who filed the complaint. Since the case implicates one of the highest authorities tasked with safeguarding the Indian constitution and the rule of law, its resolution will have lasting importance for workplace sexual harassment complaints in India.

Yesterday, a federal court in Texas blocked the state's law which suppressed boycotts of Israel, which is used in many United States states to punish companies that refuse to do business with illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Jeremy Hunt, the United Kingdom foreign secretary, expressed that Yemen's war needs a political solution. If the United Kingdom wants to find such a solution, it should acknowledge how critical it is for them to end arms sales and press for accountability, justice and redress for the civilians harmed.  

Nujeen Mustafa fled the conflict in Syria when she was 16 and this week became the first person with a disability to formally brief the United Nations Security Council. Join us today on our Facebook Live to learn more about her perilous journey from Syria and why she became a passioned advocate for people with disabilities in conflict.