Nicaragua has tortured, denied medical care and even killed hundreds of people who were involved in protests in 2018. Not a single police officer is under criminal investigation for the beatings, rapes, nail removal, asphyxiation, and other atrocities.

Rights groups in Tanzania are calling for a reversal of a ban that prevents pregnant girls and adolescent mothers from attending school, and demanding the government instead focuses on the root causes of high rates of teen pregnancies. They have filed an official complaint with the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child.

Media freedom is a major casualty in Somalia’s long running conflict. The recent closure of two private TV channels by police is a marker that the government of Somaliland does not care about the importance of free press in a democracy.

South Asia's annual summit plans to move forward without acknowledging the Myanmar military's ethnic cleansing. Justice will not be served until these atrocities are addressed. 

Ahead of World Refugee Day, a UN report says over 70 million are displaced globally due to conflict and persecution. Ethiopia has the highest number of new displacements in the world.

The trial of 16 people who organized peaceful protests in Gezi, Turkey in 2013 is set to begin in a few days. The accused are battling bogus charges and face life sentences if found guilty.

Women and girls continue to suffer sexual violence in South Sudan. As the world commemorates the Day for Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict, the South Sudan government, the UN and other agencies should ensure effective patrols in the known danger spots and help facilitate effective investigations and prosecutions of these crimes.

And finally, HRW celebrates 4 million followers on Twitter!