A new joint project between HRW and the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality examines the myths around what it means to be LGBT in the Arab world today. 

The US is busy pushing a $50 billion economic peace plan for the Middle East which aims to “empower” and “unlock the vast potential of the Palestinian people”. Yet the 40-page document says nothing about why Palestinians are disempowered today. 

Pinned down, stripped naked, and locked in a padded cell. This is the terrifying reality that reflects how some Indigenous children are treated when they are picked up by the police in Australia.

Cameroon's defence ministry has announced it will prosecute seven soldiers suspected of summarily executing two women and their two children, a crime which was captured on video.

Human rights may not survive the global climate crisis, a leading UN expert has warned. 

Journalists attending this week's ‘Peace to Prosperity’ workshop in Bahrain should question Bahraini officials about the government’s terrible human rights record

A Ukrainian journalist was "almost certainly fatally beaten" because he reported on things some people do not want the public to know

Some 18 months after Russia controversially decriminalized battery at home, a high-profile trial shows just how far there is to go to get justice for survivors of domestic violence. 

And global outrage continues to grow over the treatment of migrant children in detention in the US, with their treatment described as degrading and inhumane.