Detained Saudi women’s rights activist Loujain al-Halthloul has refused an offer from Saudi authorities to deny allegations of torture on video, in exchange for her freedom. 

In two years, armed groups in Kivu, the Democratic Republic of Congo, have killed thousands. Instead of protecting civilians, government security forces have worked with these groups.

6 years on, there is no investigation into the biggest mass killings of protestors in Egypt.

Today a court in India has acquitted 6 people alleged to be part of cow vigilantes who killed a man two years ago. Cow vigilantes have grown in India, purporting to support cow protection, but leading mob justice against minority groups.

Uganda has yet to investigate the killing of opposition politician’s driver, who was shot a year ago

China has detained a man who leaked letters from his family members who are in mass detention camps in Xinjiang.

And finally, more pressure builds on Tanzania to respect freedoms.