Libya MP Seham Sergewa was abducted from her home in the eastern city of Benghazi on July 17, 2019. She has been missing for 4 months now.

Indonesian police have arrested around 50 pro-democracy West Papuans

Ethiopians undertaking the perilous journey by boat across the Red Sea or Gulf of Aden face exploitation and torture in Yemen by a network of trafficking groups.

Emmanuel Macron will meet Vladimir Putin in France next week. Macron should speak out against Russian police violent crackdown on protestors.

The Venezuealan leadership is threatening, surveilling, and torturing military officials and their family members as the economy crumbles and the people face a humanitarian crisis.

A prominent Thai community rights activist has been abducted in broad daylight. Will the government respond? 

Police have used excessive force in Zimbabwe today, during a crack-down on peaceful protestors. The sheer brutality "is just unbelievable," says HRW.