In the face of shameless United States efforts to block justice via the International Criminal Court, the court’s 123 member countries need to step up and defend this important institution. “By targeting the ICC, the Trump administration continues its assault on the global rule of law, putting the US on the side of those who commit and cover up grave abuses, not those who prosecute them,” says Richard Dicker, HRW's international justice director.

Global superpowers should be held accountable, says HRW's Executive Director Ken Roth in this op-ed published by Euronews.

A new Amnesty International website documents the misuse of tear gas by law enforcement against peaceful protesters in the US and worldwide.

Global tech giants censoring on behalf of the Chinese government for the China market is not news, but Zoom has taken appeasement to the next level by directly censoring users outside of China on the government’s behalf...

Governments in Southeast Asia are callously passing the buck on protecting Rohingya refugees desperate for sanctuary and a future after Myanmar’s military drove them from their homes with mass atrocities

The city of Nairobi, Kenya, has evicted 8,000 people amidst a pandemic and curfew. Authorities have demolished hundreds of homes last month, leaving thousands of people homeless and without any support.

Despite Greece lifting lockdown restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19 in early May, and the country opening to tourism, the government keeps extending restrictions on thousands of migrants and asylum seekers living in overcrowded camps on the Aegean Islands and on the mainland.

On Saturday, June 13, we're celebrating positive change, during International Albinism Awareness Day. Read this dispatch about the experiences of Josina, a girl with albinism in Mozambique, and join our Instagram conversation with Ikponwosa Ero, the first independent UN expert for albinism.

And here's some advice on how to deal with Trump's planned campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma: