Yemen faces the world's largest famine in decades "with millions of victims" if aid deliveries are not urgently resumed, the UN has warned. On Monday, the Saudi-led coalition shut all air, land and sea routes into Yemen after Houthi rebels fired a missile at Riyadh.
From one humanitarian crisis to another, here are the core principles for protecting the displaced in the Burma crisis.
An Instagrammer in Indonesia is facing jail time for simply sharing a meme on social media.
Ahead of a regional summit this week, the European Union should make respect for human rights and an end to decades of repression a core component of its engagement with Central Asian countries.
While Pope Francis struggles to make good on his "zero tolerance" pledge to fight clerical sex abuse worldwide, victims in his native Argentina are denouncing abuses in unprecedented numbers.
The Louvre Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates will officially open later this week, but the splendid new museum is tainted by controversy, including abuses against migrant workers who built the structure.
Dozens of men from the Tamil ethnic minority who are seeking political asylum in Europe say they were abducted, tortured and raped under Sri Lanka's current government.
The health of a prominent Egyptian photojournalist arrested back in 2013 is deteriorating, reports say, and there are now fears that he could even die behind bars.