14 Saudis, all from the Shia minority community, have been sentenced to death for protest-related crimes. Saudi Arabia’s execution rate has accelerated since the country’s leadership change on June 21. Since that date, Saudi Arabia has executed 35 people, compared with 39 during the first six months of 2017.
Six Red Cross volunteers were murdered in the Central African Republic. The resurgence of violence in the nation, specifically that targeted at humanitarian aid workers, is preventing relief getting to those in need. Armed services are being used to protect medical personnel, ambulances and medical facilities.
Iraqi authorities have issued arrest warrants for at least 15 private lawyers since July 24 on charges of Islamic State (also known as ISIS) affiliation for their past work in ISIS courts, Human Rights Watch said today. While lawyers are not immune from prosecution if they engage in criminal activity, they should not be prosecuted for doing their job as lawyers, nor should the authorities associate them with their clients’ cause simply because they represented them.
Australia should press for significant progress on human rights at its August 10, 2017 bilateral human rights dialogue with Vietnam in Canberra in light of sharply worsening conditions, Human Rights Watch said today.
While forced labor remains high in Asia, a new report points to a startling rise in migrant enslavement in the European Union. So-called "first contact" countries in Europe, - Romania and Italy, for example - have the highest risks for vulnerable people exploited in various economic sectors, but other countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany are not immune from the problem.
On Tuesday, Jakarta's chief of police openly displayed his disregard for democracy and the right to a fair trial, saying that "sending [alleged drug dealers] to God" was valued over arresting and prosecuting the suspects. Inspector General Idham Azis, on the job since July, pledged to protect his subordinates if they shoot during raids. The calamity of Duterte’s "war on drugs" in the Philippines has not only been left unquestioned, but, in fact, praised by police and foreign politicians, such as President of Indonesia Widodo.