Public anger against the authorities in Russia is rising after at least 64 people, including some 41 children, died in a horrific shopping mall fire in Siberia, with families of victims who perished wondering if they'll ever receive justice for their loss.
A new report suggests that during the past month of supposed "ceasefire" in Syria, some 871 civilians were killed, including 179 children, in Eastern Ghouta.
The scale of human suffering on Nauru island, Australia's offshore processing centre for migrants, is "immensely shocking", says the regional head of the UN refugee agency.
China and Russia have been accused of waging a "war on human rights" at the United Nations.
A Bangkok court’s libel verdict against a prominent labor rights campaigner will have serious chilling effects on activists who investigate and report on abuses in Thailand's agri-business.
With the war in Yemen now entering its fourth year, spare a thought for teachers who are trying to keep education in the country going.
What does male privilege look like? It looks like dads who get complimented for merely taking their kids grocery shopping at the supermarket without mom.