Inhumane Conditions at Greek Border: Daily Brief

Plus: Bahrain revokes citizenship; missing Syrians confirmed dead; anti-government protests in Poland; Ukrainian prisoner in Russia needs medical aid; and human rights violations in China.

Thousands of migrants and asylum seekers have been subject to appalling reception and detention conditions in the northern Greek land-border with Turkey. Greece has failed to ensure minimum standards for pregnant women, new mothers, and others arriving to their border after fleeing violence or repression in countries including Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Since 2012, Bahraini authorities have revoked the citizenship of at least 738 nationals. Many of them are human rights defenders, political activists, journalists, and religious scholars, who have been left stateless after executive orders or court decisions that lack adequate legal safeguards.

In Syria, new information from the government acknowledges for the first time that hundreds of prisoners have died in state custody...

Thousands have taken the streets in Poland to protest the government's moves to undermine judicial independence and the rule of law. 

Pavlo Hryb was forcibly disappeared by Russian security agents in January 2017. He is held on terrorism charges after establishing a friendship with a Russian citizen and discussing their intense dislike of Russia-backed separatists entrenched in eastern Ukraine. Now, he urgently needs medical help which Russian authorities should immediately provide.

And staying silent on human rights in China is not a neutral act...