Mauritania Punishes Rape Survivors: Daily Brief

Plus: Activists locked up in Iran; Nepal should support survivors of sexual violence; US-based rights groups form coalition against corporate litigations; lack of support for inheritance law in Tunisia; journalists’ arrests exposes claw back against press freedom in Myanmar... 

Women and girls who report rape incidents in Mauritania must navigate a system that discourages them from making complaints, risking re-traumatization or punishment, including by being sent to prison. 

Iranian authorities continue to lock up activists for defending fundamental rights in the country.

Nepal has promised action on handling sexual violence, but little is being done to make Nepalese women feel safe and respected.

Now more than ever, there’s great need to amplify and defend voices that stand up for the right to a healthy environment

The rejection of a presidential initiative that would create equality between men and women’s inheritance rights is a blow to women’s rights in Tunisia.

The Myanmar government denies abuses and stands by as the military and police arrest journalists' work to expose the truth. But these arrests will not hide the horrors being faced by the Rohingya in Myanmar.