Massive Crackdown in China's Xinjiang region: Daily Brief

Plus: UN Human Rights Council urged to stand by victims; how to ensure justice for victims in Myanmar; Kurdish leadership in Syria jails opponents; US' dismal record on refugees; immigrant children in the US may be detained indefinitely; and a former police officer is killed in Uganda …

Forced political indoctrination, collective punishment, restrictions on movement and communications, religious restrictions, and mass surveillance are all part of daily life in China’s Muslim Xinjiang region, a new HRW report today has found. The Chinese government is committing abuses in Xinjiang "on a scale unseen in the country in decades", HRW says. 

More than 750 non-profit groups have called on the new Human Rights commissioner to stand by victims and openly call out violations. 

An international, independent and impartial mechanism is required to ensure justice for victims in Myanmar. 

The Kurdish leadership in northeeastern Syria is jailing opponents and sometimes forcibly disappearing them.

The US has greatly reduced the number of refugees it hosts. This could send a signal to other leading host countries to do the same, thereby gravely failing the millions of refugees who flee their homes seeking refuge. 

Despite the proven devastating effects, the Trump administration now wants to detain immigrant children indefinitely.

And an outspoken former police officer in Uganda, Muhammad Kirumira, was shot and killed by unknown people this weekend.