Yes Vote for Rights in Hungary!: Daily Brief

Plus: Cambodia should free political prisoners; prominent photographer jailed in Bangladesh; why has the head of torture center in Nicaragua been promoted?; vague charges could mean death penalty for Saudi cleric; most of Uganda's prisoners working on farms; Burundi on the spot for refusal to cooperate with UN rights team; quiet diplomacy by Australia proves ineffective for jailed filmmaker...

Good news! The European Parliament votes in favor of freedom and democracy in Hungary in a landmark decision today.

Cambodia jails critics of Prime Minister Hun Sen and his ruling party. Opposition politicians, journalists and activists are among those targeted.

Prominent photographer Shahidul Alam has been arrested after denouncing Bangladesh’s crackdown on student protests.

Luis Alberto Pérez Oliva, the director of the notorious "El Chipote" detention center in Nicaragua, has been promoted to to general, the police force’s highest rank. 

 Saudi prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against a prominent cleric on a host of vague charges. 

Is Uganda breaking international rules on prisoner treatment? Half of the prisoner population are put to work, even though most of them have not been convicted.

Burundi questioned at UN Human Rights Council about its refusal to cooperate with a team of experts.

Australia should press Cambodia to immediately release jailed photographer James Ricketson.

Qatar’s new law gives non-Qatari spouses of Qatari women and their children permanent residence, but does not grant them citizenship.

Lawyers in Iraq fear for their lives are they are threatened for representing ISIS suspects.