Children with Disabilities Face Barriers to Education in Nepal: Daily Brief

Plus: Election countdown begins in Thailand; consumer rights under threat in the US; International Criminal Court countries show support after Bolton's attacks; Spain will keep on selling weapons to Saudis; US intelligence-sharing threatens privacy; blinded by xenophobia in Brazil; and further unlawful bans in Myanmar.

In Nepal, children with disabilities  face serious obstacles to quality, inclusive education. Most of them are segregated into separate classrooms with no proper teacher training. Currently, tens of thousands of children with disabilities still remain out of school.

Thailand’s military junta should immediately lift restrictions on civil and political rights so that upcoming national elections can be free and fair. The UN and Thailand’s allies should publicly state that they will only recognize an election that meets international standards.

Consumer rights in the US are under threat. Trump's administration has repeatedly threatened to block the public’s access data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the regulatory agency responsible for protecting them.

On September 10, John Bolton denounced the International Criminal Court, announcing that the US would no longer cooperate with the it. Now, ICC member countries and other international partners are pushing back to show they support the court and its mandate to bring justice for the world's worst crimes.

Spain will continue selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. The Spanish Foreign Minister announced that a deal to sell weapons -  which had been cancelled due to concerns about civilians being killed in Yemen's war - will go ahead.

US intelligence-sharing shouldn’t sidestep privacy protections. This is the message drawn from a new ruling by the European Court of Human Rights, which highlights the need for checks on data-swapping powers, such as the US. 

Our Brazil director, Maria Laura Canineu, urges Brazilian authorities to take decisive action against xenophobic attacks against Venezuelans fleeding to the country. Prosecutors should file charges against those who use violence against Venezuelans and urge police’s internal affairs department to punish officers who fail to perform their duty.

After Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi defended the jailing of two Reuters journalists, Myanmar's authorities now also ban protests against the jailings and threaten to arrest its organizers.