GirlForce: Daily Brief

International Day of the Girl; will Saudi Arabia face any consequences for disappeared journalist?; torture in Egypt; environmental activists arbitrarily detained in Iran; and ending the stigma around disabilities in Russia.

Today is the International Day of the Girl. This year’s theme, “With Her: A Skilled GirlForce.” 

It's been more than a week since Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and was never seen again. Strongly allied to Riyadh, some have raised fears the Trump administration seems to be hoping they can "sweep it under the rug"... 

Egyptian authorities forcibly disappeared an Egyptian-American limousine driver, who said authorities also tortured him and held him secretly for four months. The man, Khaled Hassan, 41, provided detailed allegations of torture, including two allegations of rape, to Human Rights Watch.

Eight environmental activists arbitrarily detained in Iran in January and February 2018 remain in detention eight months later without clear charges