The Far-Right Threat in the US: Daily Brief

The far-right threat in the US; Trump sends military to border in pre-election antics; pressure rising on LGBT people in Indonesia; Thai junta announces its own weakness; and Qatar's commitment to refugees falls short. 

Far-right extremism has shown its ugly face several times in the US in recent days. Are the authorities treating it seriously enough?

With US midterm elections just a week away, President Trump has announced he is sending thousands of military forces to the border with Mexico supposedly to somehow address the issue of a group desperate people fleeing Central American hardship and violence and trying to come to the US. The asylum seekers - who have the right to apply for asylum - are currently in southern Mexico, some 1,000 miles from the US border, so many suspect Trump is abusing his power as commander-in-chief to whip up fear before election day.

Indonesian officials should uphold the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in the face of renewed anti-LGBT statements and discriminatory policy proposals,

Thai authorities should immediately drop their criminal investigation of the group Rap Against Dictatorship, whose song “Prathet Ku Me” (“What My Country Has Got”) criticizes the military rule, human rights abuses, and other problems in Thailand.

Qatar now has the Gulf region’s first law setting out procedures and requirements for people to seek asylum in the country. The law demonstrates Qatar’s commitment to refugee rights and serves as an example for the region - but it falls short of Qatar’s international obligations,