Support Love, Not Hate: Daily Brief

HRW joins call to support love, not hate after synagogue shooting in US; human rights at stake in US midterm elections; UN spotlight on human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia & China; rescuers at sea face baseless accusations in Greece; justice in Syria one essential step closer; and good #BehindTheBling news.

Just before the midterm elections in the United States and in in the aftermath of the deadly attack on a synagoge in Pittsburgh, Human Rights Watch has joined forces with other human rights organizations and published full-page adds in The New York Times and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette supporting love, and against hate.

On Tuesday, countries will discuss the human rights record of another notorious rights abuser: China.

A rare positive development on Syria, as the authorities in France have issued arrest warrants against three senior Assad regime officials.

And there's good news from our #BehindTheBling campaign. People in the United States will now be able to buy jewelry made with “conflict-free” gold from Zales and Kay Jewelers, two of the nation’s largest jewelry retailers.