Pre-Election Crackdown in DR Congo: Daily Brief

Plus: Repression of Iranian teachers; denied customs clearance for a book on Russian totalitarianism; visualizing why Airbnb will stop rentals in unlawful settlements; flawed veredict in the United Arab Emirates; rights group sues Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince over attacks against civilians in Yemen; China targets Twitter users; UN experts' warning on the effect of Italy's new laws on immigration.

The Democratic Republic of Congo government has made new arrests of pro-democracy activists ahead of presidential elections scheduled for December 23. This adds to the list of activists and political prisoners that remain in detention in the country...

Iranian authorities are punishing teachers and labor activists for exercising their collective rights and conducting peaceful protests, which are essential freedoms for all workers.

A book about rise of Russian totalitarianism is being denied customs clearance in Russia. The book, The Future Is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia, is by Masha Gessen, a vocal critic of President Vladimir Putin and his policies.

Here is a visual explanation on why Airbnb will stop listing properties in unlawful Israeli settlements. Now it's time for other rental companies to follow suit.

There's been an alarming verdict from the United Arab Emirates, which has sentenced British academic Matthew Hedges to life imprisonment for spying in an unfair trial.

The International Alliance for the Defence of Rights and Freedoms, a rights group, has sued the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince over Yemen during his visit to France. They accuse the Prince, who is the Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, of being responsible for attacks that hit civilians.

Since early November, the Chinese government has been targeting Twitter users in China as part of a nationwide crackdown on social media. This adds a new level of suppression of free speech under President Xi Jinping’s repressive rule.

UN human rights experts warn that Italy's proposed new laws on immigration, together with the ongoing climate of hatred in the country, threaten migrants’ rights.