Everyday Encryption and You: Daily Brief

The importance of encryption; Croatian police beating and robbing asylum seekers; Thai government should not return Cambodian dissident; five questions for Google about China; and wrapping up Human Rights Day.

Human Rights Watch released an interactive online game today to help people understand how important strong encryption is to everyone’s security in the digital age. The interactive feature, “Everyday Encryption,” shows how encryption protects people in their daily lives. 

Croatian police are pushing migrants and asylum seekers back to Bosnia and Herzegovina, in some cases violently, and without giving them the possibility to seek asylum, a new report reveals.

The Thai government should not forcibly return the dissident Rath Rott Mony to Cambodia, Human Rights Watch said today. There are strong reasons to believe that Mony would face politically motivated prosecution, wrongful detention, and ill-treatment in Cambodia.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai will be in the hot seat today when he testifies before the United States House Judiciary Committee following an outcry over its plans to re-enter the Chinese search market.

And yesterday was Human Rights Day!