Good News for Kids in 2018: Daily Brief

Plus: US Defense Secretary resigns; ICC condemns pre-election violence in DR Congo; living with a disability in the migrant caravan; Vietnam's Big Brother law; déjà vu on the Greek-Turkey border; zero tolerance for scrutiny in Nicaragua; Ireland approves abortion law; and China denies legal representation to a Canadian being held under vague charges.

As we approach the end of the year, we've put together 10 good news stories for kids around the world in 2018. 

US Defence Secretary James Mattis resigns one day after Trump announced the withdrawal of US troops from Syria

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court condemned the pre-election violence in DR Congo, where the upcoming elections have now been postponed for the third time

Carlos Ríos Espinosa, our Disability Rights researcher, explains what it's like to live with a disability in the migrant caravan.

Vietnam should postpone the application of the Law on Cyber Security and revise it to bring it to conformity with international law. This cyber security law would further enable the Ministry of Public Security’s pervasive surveillance to spot critics, while deepening the Communist Party’s monopoly on power.

Déjà vu on the Greek-Turkey border, where brutal treatment to migrants and asylum seekers has been going on for too long. 

The government of President Daniel Ortega is doubling down in its effort to silence dissent in Nicaragua

The Irish President signed yesterday the Bill that will give women access to abortion in the country for first time.

Chinese security agents deny legal representation to Michael Kovrig, a Canadian detained on December 10 in Beijing for allegedly harming China’s national security interests. He is now being held in an undisclosed location and questioned on a daily basis...