Sudan Killing Protesters: Daily Brief

Sudan's security forces killing protesters; a disturbing attempt to stifle media freedom in Nigeria; children tortured in Iraq; what to expect from the new US Congress; laughable misinformation from Egypt's president; and China is not fooling anyone about its mass oppression of Muslims...

Sudanese security forces have been using live ammunition and other forms of excessive force against protesters and arbitrarily detaining them. Sudanese activists and medical workers estimate that at least 40 people have been killed, including children, since protests began on December 19, 2018. 

Government security forces’ January 6, 2019 raid on the Daily Trust newspaper’s offices and the arrest of staff members, including two journalists, is a disturbing attempt to stifle media freedom in Nigeria.

The Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq is torturing children to confess to involvement with the Islamic State (ISIS). 

The new 116th Congress in the US, with its diverse pool of new members ushered in by a record number of voters, has an opportunity to demonstrate that human rights remain a priority for the American people.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt provided some laughable misinformation in his recent appearance on the “60 Minutes” TV show in the United States.

China’s authorities recently escorted diplomats from a dozen countries and a handful of foreign journalists on a highly controlled visit to Xinjiang, the northwestern region where an estimated one million Turkic Muslims are being arbitrarily and indefinitely detained. They are fooling no one.