Older People in England Left Without Support: Daily Brief

Improper social care assessments putting older people in England at risk; fraud allegations as DR Congo announces presidential elections winner; Syrian refugee girl dies in Lebanon's harsh winter; China spies on international media in Hong Kong; Sudan protests; insurgent attacks on hospital and school in Thailand are a war crime; Egypt's President Sissi sweats over TV interview; and why Trump's wall with Mexico won't fix a manufactured 'crisis'.... 

Older people in England are at risk of not getting the support they need to live independent and dignified lives due to uneven assessments for social services, a new HRW report says.

A fresh crisis is brewing in DR Congo today after officials announced overnight that opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi has won the country's presidential election. But France says the figures do not match results collated by independent monitors and the ruling party, whose candidate finished third, has not yet contested the result, sparking accusations of a power-sharing deal with Mr Tshisekedi. 

More than 160,000 Syrian refugees living in small informal settlements across Lebanon are struggling to get through this year's hard winter, and it's already costing lives.

Wall Street Journal investigation has revealed that mainland Chinese police conducted “full…surveillance” on WSJ reporters working in Hong Kong. Hong Kong authorities have promised to look into the matter, but will they

The uprising gripping Sudan has cost 40 lives and counting and, as this Foreign Policy pieces argues, is the uprising dictator Omar al-Bashir has 'always feared'. 

Separatist insurgents in Thailand’s southern border provinces have targeted a school and a hospital in renewed attacks, HRW has confirmed. Deliberate attacks on civilian structures are war crimes.

Enticed to take part in a “60 Minutes” interview through an appeal to his vanity, Egypt's President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi quickly realized that the questions — and his answers — were not the ones he wanted the world to see

With news that US President Donald Trump stormed out of a meeting with senior Democrats to discuss his desired wall along the country's border with Mexico, it's clear there is a crisis in the area. But it's one entirely of his administration's making, and isn't something a wall can fix.