What Comes after ISIS? - Daily Brief

ISIS legacy;  Trump & Kim Jong Un trample on human rights; Egypt finally releases photographer Shawkan; "The love that dare not speak its name"; will Europe's center-right party bloc finally #ExpelFidesz?; Saudi women's rights activists charged; European Union should press Vietnam on rights record; and a special report from Uzbekistan, a country caught between long-standing brutality and hesitant reform.

The last 'Islamic State'-held territory in Syria is about to fall, and there are worries about the fate of members of the Yazidi religious minority and other people who are still held captive by the extremists. “The lack of preparation for what comes after Isis is shocking,” says Nadim Houry, director of Human Rights Watch’s terrorism and counterterrorism programme in The Guardian.

Sometimes a cartoon says more than a thousand words. Still, check out HRW's comment on the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, the leaders of the United States and North Korea.

The regime in Egypt has finally released photographer Shawkan, who was arrested in 2013 for doing his work during a protest.

Do you want to know how your country is doing on the protection of rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people? Check out HRW's new interactive page that is dedicated to this topic.

When will the European People's Party (EPP) finally expel Fidesz, the party of Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orbán that fails to respect the rule of law and human rights?

There's news from Saudi Arabia, and it is not good.

The European Union should press the Vietnamese government on human rights issues during the 8th EU-Vietnam Human Rights Dialogue, today in Brussels.

And check out this special report from Uzbekistan, two years after the death of its dictator, written by HRW's Steve Swerdlow and Andrew Stroehlein, who visited the country recently.