UK Families go Hungry as Austerity Bites: Daily Brief

Tens of thousands of families in United Kingdom don't have enough food to eat; girls’ lives shattered by attacks on schools in DR Congo; France should stop fueling Saudi war crimes in Yemen; hundreds arrested or investigated for basic acts of kindness in EU countries; Israel’s Eurovision: ‘Dare to Dream’; who cares about Kenyan women?; and check out HRW's thread on Game of Thrones and war crimes.

Tens of thousands of families in the United Kingdom are left without enough food to eat. This is the result of a decade of cuts to welfare by successive governments - a clear breach of the authorities' duty to ensure adequate food, HRW said in a new report published today.

For some reason France is still arming Saudi Arabia. And none of the excuses offered by the French government can justify prioritizing arms sales over human rights principles.

This weekend Israel hosted the international song contest Eurovision in Tel Aviv, under the slogan “Dare to Dream.” But that's a tall order for Palestinians trapped in Gaza. 

Authorities in Kenya have remained silent despite a rising public outcry in recent months on violence against women in the country. When will leaders such as President Uhuru Kenyatta speak up?

And finally, millions of Game of Thrones fans watched the finale of the hit TV series which aired on Sunday evening. Here's HRW's own take on the phenomenally successful TV show...