Hope for Change in China: Daily Brief

Hope for change in China, 30 years after Tiananmen Massacre; flurry of prohibited weapons attacks in Syria; Sudan protesters come under attack; new HRW report sparks Egypt smear campaign; Elton John condemns Russia's censoring of same-sex love scenes from Rocketman movie; and United Nations to consider ethical issues around surrogacy... 

In the three decades since the Tiananmen Massacre, when an untold number of peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators were massacred around June 4, 1989, human rights activists have made tremendous sacrifices in the pursuit of a more just and free China.

The Syrian-Russian military alliance is using a cocktail of internationally banned and indiscriminate weapons on the civilian population trapped in northwest Syria. Russia has abused its position on the UN Security Council to protect itself and its ally in Damascus, and to continue abuses against civilians.

Security forces in Sudan have attacked a pro-democracy protest outside the military headquarters in the capital Khartoum. There are reports that at least nine people have been killed and many more injured. 

Egypt has launched a cynical smear campaign against HRW in the wake of its report on atrocities by government forces in Northern Sinai

The global pop star Elton John has condemned censorship in Russia after same-sex love scenes were cut from the film Rocketman, a biopic of the singer's life. 

And finally, the United Nations is currently considering the legal and ethical issues around surrogacy, where a woman is able to carry a baby to term on behalf of another person.