Grim New Record for Russia's Repression: Daily Brief

A grim new record for Russia's repression; 164 people killed globally for trying to protect the environment in 2018; killings escalate in central Philippines; UN secretary-general ignoring grave violations against children in (some) conflicts; China's abuses find support among other abusers; South Sudanese authorities should release airport officials; Congolese justice system in the spotlight; Nigerian court bans religious group; Japan's foreign minister visits Bangladesh and Myanmar; and the "looming disaster" of  no-deal Brexit.

Moscow police set an ominous record at the weekend by arbitrarily detaining at least 1,373 people, including about 25 children, during peaceful protests. 

Staying with Russia...  The European Court of Human Rights issued its first ruling on a domestic violence case in Russia, concluding that domestic violence and the official inaction the applicant faced was not an isolated incident, but rather the result of a systemic, ongoing failure on part of the Russian authorities to properly address domestic violence.

164 people were killed for trying to protect the environment in 2018, according to a new report from Global Witness. 

Killings in the Philippines’ Negros Oriental province surged over the weekend, with the 14th fatal shooting on Negros island in a week. Local activists contend this is just the latest murder in the government’s ostensible campaign to suppress “lawless violence.”

The United Nations secretary-general omitted countries responsible for grave violations against children in armed conflict in his new “list of shame." The list also gave certain countries an undeserved more favorable designation despite their failed promises to improve their record.

China's mass detention of some one million Muslims in the Xinjiang region has been condemned by many, but some countries just expressed their support for Beijing's abusive policy - and if you can know a government by the company it keeps... 

Staying with China, a Sichuan court just delivered another harsh sentence against a rights activist in a fabricated case.

South Sudanese authorities should unconditionally release six airport officials unlawfully detained without trial since November 2018, or else promptly charge them and release them on bail pending trial.

The trial of six Congolese security force personnel for the killing of 38 Burundians in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in 2017 puts the Congolese justice system in the spotlight.

A Nigerian court has ordered the government to ban the religious group Shia Islamic Movement in Nigeria. The sweeping court ruling against the Shia movement threatens the basic human rights of all Nigerians. 

 Japan’s foreign minister, Taro Kono, should raise critical human rights issues during his visit to Bangladesh and Myanmar this week.

In the UK, a "no-deal" Brexit looks increasingly in the cards - which is ominous for human rights.