Mass Murder & White Nationalism in US: Daily Brief

Two new mass shootings in the United States; news updates on protests in Moscow and Hong Kong; authorities in Iraq acknowledge horrific prison overcrowding; people with disabilities caught in Cameroon crisis; HRW comment on 40 years of President Obiang in Equatorial Guinea; and good news from Uzbekistan.

Mass shootings over the weekend in El Paso and Dayton in the United States resulted in the violent deaths of 29 people, as well as dozens of injuries. The two events put president Donald Trump at the center of a storm of outrage over his frequent anti-immigrant remarks, which mirror the stated aims of the suspect in one of the shootings. For many, they also highlighted government inaction on gun control. 

Moscow, the capital of Russia, was the scene again for mass protests over the weekend for political reform and against the rule of president Vladimir Putin.

Immediately after the release of last month's HRW report on abuses in prisons in Iraq, the local authorities claimed that the research was “fallacious.” But the government’s tone has since changed. One parliamentarian admitted that “what HRW reported was small relative to the actual catastrophe inside the prisons of Nineveh.”

People with disabilities in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon are caught in the violence and struggle to flee to safety when their communities come under attack. They also face difficulties in getting necessary assistance.

Do you know who's the longest-serving president in the world