Caught Up in Colombia's Conflict: Daily Brief

Fleeing Venezuela's disaster only to get caught up in Colombia's conflict; a terrible court ruling against freedom of expression in Ukraine; problematic security provisions in Australia; Britain's "two child limit" policy; and searching for answers on a death in custody in Tunisia. 

Armed groups have committed egregious abuses against Colombian and Venezuelan civilians as they fight for control in Catatumbo, northeastern Colombia. 

A court in Kyiv ruled in favor of a Ukrainian far-right nationalist group, C14, in its defamation suit against the Internet TV Station Hromadske.TV, after the outlet published a tweet referring to C14 as a “neo-Nazi” group. The August 6 decision caused outrage among Ukraine’s human rights activists and journalists – and rightly so.

The United Kingdom's “two child limit” on social security support unfairly penalizes poorer families with three or more children. HRW is joining a campaign against this arbitrary policy.