India Needs to Step Back in Kashmir: Daily Brief

Plus: Amid increasing tensions, a call to respect rights in Hong Kong; civilian deaths in Yemen; Russian crackdown only making protests stronger; Turkmenistan in the spotlight; and a dark anniversary that gives some hope to those living under oppression.


Unless it wants to inflame tensions in Kashmir for another generation, the Indian government needs to step back, and fast. 

As protests in Hong Kong continue, the UN human rights chief is calling for the authorities to respect people's rights.

Clashes between pro-government and separatist forces have wracked the city of Aden in Yemen for the past several days, causing numerous casualties in the fiercest fighting the city has seen since the start of the war. 

The past month has seen a string of protests in the Russian capital over city council elections. The authorities' crackdown has only consolidated the movement. 

Turkmenistan is in the news again - sort of - but the focus is sadly on the weird, rather than the critical... 

And a reminder for us all: tyranny doesn't last forever...