Pregnant in the Path of Hurricanes: Daily Brief

Plus: Missing file blocks justice for rapes and murder in South Sudan; Sunni Arabs can't return home in the Kurdistan region of Iraq; Japan should support retaining human control over the use of force; a chance for Italy's new government to implement a humane approach on migration policies; NGOs call on UN to act to prevent future atrocities; and Russia sentences a peaceful activist. 

Last week, Puerto Rico was under threat as Hurricane Dorian tore across the Caribbean, almost exactly two years since Hurricane Maria made landfall. While Hurricane Maria spared no one, pregnant women and those who had recently given birth were vulnerable to the storm’s wrath in unique ways

A missing case file is blocking appeals in the sexual assault case stemming from the July 11, 2016 attack on the Terrain hotel in Juba, South Sudan. Without the missing file, the Supreme Court is unable to move forward with appeals by the victims and those convicted. 

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is preventing thousands of Sunni Arabs from returning home to villages east of Mosul. The Arab families seeking to return home had fled primarily to ISIS-controlled Mosul during fighting in 2014.

Japan should throw its support behind growing calls to prohibit weapons systems that would select and attack targets without human intervention. 

Italy’s new coalition government presents a chance for the country to move away from migration policies that put lives at risk and back to those grounded in respect for human rights, including the right to life.

The UN leadership promised it would never again turn a blind eye to atrocities after ignoring massive civilian deaths in Sri Lanka a decade ago, but it happened again. That's why a coalition of 16 organizations call on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to act to prevent future UN failures in the face of atrocities.

A Moscow court has sentenced Konstantin Kotov, a 34-year old software engineer, to four years in prison. His crime? He took part in several peaceful (but unsanctioned) protests this spring and summer.