Xenophobic Violence in South Africa: Daily Brief

Wave of anti-foreigner violence sweeps South Africa; domestic violence murders soar to five-year high in UK; US Democratic Party debates fails to mention reproductive rights; Facebook suspends Netanyahu chatbot for anti-Arab slur; what a 'no-deal' Brexit means for human rights in UK; horrible conditions in camp holding ISIS families in Syria could fuel extremism; & Turkey frees five journalists... 

South African police should take swift action to end xenophobic attacks targeting African foreign nationals, HRW says. At least twelve people have been killed, thousands displaced, and businesses wantonly looted since violence erupted last month. Those responsible for previous waves of xenophobic violence have rarely faced any penalties for their crimes.

The number of people killed from domestic violence in the UK is at its highest level in five years. Last year, 173 people were killed in domestic violence-related homicides - the vast majority of them women. 

Staying with women's rights, many people were troubled to see that in a major TV debate between Democratic Party presidential candidates in Texas last night, the topic of reproductive rights - including the right to abortion - was not raised. 

Some (kind of) good news from the world of social media, with news that Facebook has suspended a chatbot on Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu’s official page after it breached hate speech policy by sending a message warning of Arabs who “want to destroy us all”.

More on the potential fallout for the UK if it crashes out of Europe with a 'no-deal' Brexit next month - a move which would be devastating for human rights. 

"Intolerable" conditions in a desert camp in Syria holding suspected ISIS families are so bad they risk fuelling extremism, UN investigators have warned. 

And finally, families in Turkey are celebrating after five former journalists and a cartoonist from opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet were freed from prison last night, after needlessly serving five months in jail.