Victory for Women's Activism in Iran: Daily Brief

Plus: what you need to know on the “Moscow Case”; ongoing Hong Kong protests; China should release Hong Kong supporters; US court sends mixed signals on net neutrality; 60 days of shutdown in Kashmir; The kids are all right, but the planet isn’t; and Greece needs to face reality about asylum seekers.

Some good news from Iran, where children of Iranian women married to foreign men will be now granted Iranian citizenship. Iran’s Guardian Council has finally approved an amendment to the previous, discriminatory citizenship law. 

In mid-July 2019, peaceful protests began in Moscow, triggered by the exclusion of independent candidates from the September 8 city legislature election. Authorities responded with brute force. Here's what you need to know about the “Moscow Case.” 

Since early June 2019, massive street demonstrations in Hong Kong, initially about proposed changes to the laws that would allow extraditions to mainland China, have evolved into a movement for universal suffrage and police accountability.

Chinese authorities detained activists in China for peacefully supporting the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, and should immediately release them.

Net neutrality is the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally by service providers. Without it, you may see limits on your access to information published on the internet and your ability to speak freely on social media platforms. A court in the US is now sending mixed signals on it...

The Kashmir shutdown, which infringes on basic freedoms, affects essential services, and harms the economy, has been going on for 60 days. It's time to #EndKashmirShutdown

We were at a recent Climate Strike march in New York City and had the chance to speak to some of the children there. They all knew one thing: that the rights of millions of children they had never met were at risk because of climate change and government inaction.

And Greece needs to face the reality on asylum seekers...