#MeToo at Two: Daily Brief

Marking 2 years of the #MeToo movement; the dangers of Turkey's new assault on northeast Syria; Uganda authorities targeting media outlets; Maldives government shuts down country's largest rights group; the grim absurdity of Indonesia's "blasphemy" law; and was this year's Nobel Peace Prize awarded prematurely?

Turkey and its allies have previously unlawfully killed, arbitrarily arrested, and wrongfully displaced civilians. This new military operation risks repeating these abuses, and the promise of a "safe zone" for civilians is "misguided," "dangerous," and "bound to fail."

Uganda is once again targeting media outlets it believes to be critical of the government.

An Indonesian woman with a psychosocial disability faces up to five years in prison for an altercation at a mosque, the latest victim of Indonesia’s toxic "blasphemy."

The awarding of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his efforts to achieve “peace and international cooperation” will come as bittersweet news for many in Ethiopia and neighboring countries. Abiy has ushered in a wave of greatly needed human rights reforms during his first year in office and taken praiseworthy steps in the region. But such international acclaim may be premature.