LGBT Activist Murdered in Uganda: Daily Brief

Plus: the danger of transferring EU ISIS suspects to Iraq; Mauritania should take steps for women’s rights; don’t let Venezuela join the UN Human Rights Council; hate crimes increase by 10% in England and Wales in a year; disproportionate crackdown on London protest; insecurity leaves thousands unable to vote in Mozambique; Russia keeps penalizing peaceful protesters; and Nairobi's Film Festival starts today.

Ugandan authorities should thoroughly investigate the murder of an LGBT rights activist on October 4, 2019. The death of the activist, Brian Wasswa, comes as the Ugandan government calls for reintroducing an anti-homosexuality bill that would provide the death penalty for consensual same-sex acts. 

European Union member states should not transfer their nationals who are suspected of jihadist attacks from Syria to Iraq. Our research has shown that Iraq has a record of unfair trials, and as such these transfers would be in breach of human rights law.

Women's rights should be a priority for the Mauritanian government. HRW calls on Mauritania's President Mohamed Ould Ghazouani to take steps to reduce gender-based violence and ensure that victims have access to justice.

Venezuela should not be voted into the United Nations Human Rights Council. Venezuela’s repression under Maduro has been severe, and abusive members make it harder to get things done within the council.

In England and Wales, hate crimes have seen a 10% increase over the past year. 

Police in London have arrested over 1,400 demonstrators taking part in the Extinction Rebellion protest.

Today Mozambique is holding its general election. However, insecurity is leaving thousands unable to cast their vote.

Russia is prosecuting activist Konstantin Kotov for partaking in the election-related protests this summer. This is an outrageous violation of the right to peaceful protest. 

The seventh edition of the Human Rights Watch Nairobi Film Festival is starting today and will showcase films documenting the struggles faced by activists in the region and elsewhere on the continent.