Grant Palestinians Equal Rights: Daily Brief

Plus: probable Iraqi state complicity in massacre of protesters; when the Indian people protest a discriminatory law, the government should give a better response than violence; Lesbos migrant children say they want to die; Boris Johnson waters down promises of post-Brexit rights protection; the Uzbekistan elections with no real choice; refugee stories from after the Nauru and Manus dentention camps; why Gambia is the right country to take Myanmar to court; South Korea can't close its eyes to North Korea's rights abuses; and Watchmen's season finale raises the real issue of reparations.

Israel should grant Palestinians in the West Bank rights protections at least equal to those afforded Israeli citizens, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today, citing Israel’s 52 years of occupation with no end in sight. 

The discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act has sparked multiple protests in India, some of which have turned violent. With six people killed, and numerous detentions and arrests, the Indian authorities should urgently order the police to show restraint.

Children in the Lesbos migrant camp in Greece are saying that they want to die. With rising numbers of children self-harming and attempting suicide, a real mental health crisis is emerging. 

The British government has watered down a promise to enshrine worker's rights and environmental safeguards in domestic law after Brexit, fuelling fears for a weakened rights protection post-Brexit.

In Australia, a country (in)famous for its detainment of refugees in offshore processing centres, more than 500 men and women are still held in Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Here you can read some stories about the people who used to live in these camps.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim Rohingyas have endured slaughter, rape and displacement during the past years. Finally, Myanmar has been taken to the International Court of Justice by Gambia for violating the Genocide Convention. But why Gambia specifically? 

And finally, the US television series Watchmen just had its season finale. However, the end of the episodes could be the start of a discussion on reparations for real Black communities that continue to be faced with white supremacy.