Hope for Progress in 2020: Daily Brief

There's hope for positive change in 2020, even in China; 2020 will be a watershed for the right to education; harsh winter looms for Syrian refugees in Lebanon; building momentum to hold companies to account; will activists stay one step ahead of internet censorship?; comment on hunger in wealthy countries; and the best HRW videos and trending rights tweets of 2019.

There's hope for positive change on human rights, even in China. Just this week, a prominent football player and the European Parliament showed the importance of actions, big and small, against Beijing's awful abuses, for instance in Xinjiang

HRW's Elin Martínez and Bill Van Esveld say that 2020 will be a watershed for the right to education. "Getting all children into quality and accessible education by 2030 will mean holding governments to account for imposing discriminatory policies that block children’s right to quality education – committing human rights abuses on a massive scale as they do so. "

This winter will bring even more hardship for Syrian refugees. Check out our new research into the situation of people who are stuck in awful conditions in Lebanon, and watch the video.

There's good news regarding much-needed transparency in the garment industry: clothing and footwear brands and retailers have dramatically increased their disclosure of information about their supply chains in the past three years. And the momentum is building to hold companies accountable for human rights abuses in their production processes.

In 2020 you should be watching for who’s trying to shut down the Internet.

You should also be watching for more people going hungry and relying on aid to feed their families in the world’s wealthiest countries.

And, last but not least, check out the best HRW videos and trending human rights tweets from 2019.