Global Inequality "Out Of Control": Daily Brief

Plus: 20,000 "disappeared" from Sri Lanka's civil war confirmed dead; horrors in Nepal still unpunished; new report highlights Myanmar military's war crimes in its campaign against ethnic Rohingya; democracy in Thailand "hanging by a thread"; lawmakers in the US unleash barrage of anti-transgender bills; and preparing for Human Rights Weekend in Amsterdam.

Ahead of Davos 2020 Forum, Oxfam International has released a report on the worsening global inequality.  

Meanwhile, in Davos itself...

Sri Lanka's president has acknowledged for the first time that more than 20,000 people who disappeared during the country's civil war are dead, but there's still no justice in sight yet for those responsible.

Nepal’s leaders should take responsibility for crimes committed during 2006 insurgencyIf justice is denied in Nepal, victims may be forced to take their cases to courts abroad.

The Independent Commission of Enquiry (ICOE) has highlighted the Myanmar military's war crimes and serious human rights violations against Muslim Rohingya, including the "killing of innocent villagers and destruction of their homes" in Myanmar, but says these do not constitute genocide. 

An opposition party in Thailand has been acquitted of (trumped up) charges in a case that highlights ongoing political divisions in the country and shows concerns over the silencing of dissident voices.

And finally, we're looking ahead to the annual Human Rights Weekend in Amsterdam.