China's Censorship Fuels Distrust On Cororavirus: Daily Brief

China should respect human rights in coronavirus response; France stops using explosive teargas; people with albinism form global alliance; 10,000 Rohingya refugee kids allowed to go to school; part of US border wall collapses in high winds; Europe moves to monitor Poland; and two HRW events coming up in San Diego & Amsterdam... 

The Chinese government should ensure that human rights are protected while responding to the coronavirus, HRW said today. Withholding information, underreporting cases, and dismissing the likelihood of transmission between humans has not helped the country control the outbreak. 

French police will stop using explosive teargas grenades that have caused people to be burned and maimed. 

People with albinism from around the world have unanimously voted to form a global alliance on albinism.

Bangladesh will allow 10,000 ethnic Rohingya refugee children to get a formal school curriculum for the first time. 

Newly installed panels from the US border wall fell over in high winds this week, damaging trees on the Mexican side of the border.

One of Europe’s top human rights bodies has voted to bring Poland under its monitoring mechanism - a clear rebuke for the Polish government's years of undermining rule of law.

And finally, the Museum of Photographic Arts hosts the 2020 San Diego Human Rights Watch Film Festival, which opens today, and Amsterdam hosts an HRW event this weekend...