Victory for Rights of the Poor: Daily Brief

Good news from The Netherlands, where a court has acted to protect the rights of the poor in the age of automation; diplomats and reporters in Geneva warned about China's global threat to human rights; new report on Saudi rights abuses; action needed in France against ship loaded with weapons bound for Saudi Arabia; EU-Vietnam trade deal receives well-deserved scrutiny; police in Nigeria accused of attack on rape survivor; and Human Rights Weekend Amsterdam begins.

Good news from The Netherlands, where a court has ordered the government to halt its use of SyRI, an automated program that analyzes a range of personal data to predict how likely people are to commit tax or benefits fraud. The ruling affirms that people who need social security support should be treated as if their privacy matters, and not as suspects to be constantly surveilled.

Diplomats and reporters in Geneva were warned today about China's global threat to human rights.  

Amnesty International has published a new report highlighting human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia.

Staying with Saudi, France should suspend any arms shipments to Saudi Arabia, HRW and 16 other organizations said in a joint open letter to the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe

The European Parliament awaits a litmus test next week, when it will decide on a trade deal with Vietnam.

Police in Nigeria have a duty to protect women and girls who report rape to them with investigations that are timely, unbiased, transparent, and conclusive. “To do anything less is to send a message that justice is not important for victims of sexual violence,” says HRW. 

And if you're in Amsterdam soon, make sure you get tickets for the Human Rights Weekend, an event packed with films and special events on human rights.