Coronavirus Pandemic Triggers Different Responses: Daily Brief

Plus: Chinese activist ‘disappeared’ after tweeting about attempted cover-up of coronavirus outbreak; unjustly jailed prisoners in Iran should be released; video shows police abuse against activists in Western Sahara; transgender woman murdered in El Salvador, after deportation from United States; threats to free speech in Lebanon; activists attacked on International Women’s Day in Kyrgyzstan; and some good news, from the worldwide fight to end child marriage.

In Iran, the coronavirus is spreading and causing deaths throughout the country. However, the risk is even greater in crowded facilities such as prisons. Therefore, wrongfully detained political prisoners should immediately be released and the remaining detainees should get adequate medical care.

An authentic video shows Moroccan police violently attacking activists in Western Sahara, dispelling any doubts of the disproportionate violence used against Sahrawis who advocate for self-determination.

The case of Camila, a transgender woman who was murdered in El Salvador, has become an illustration of widespread anti-trans violence and the lack of accountability. It also once more shows the dangers of the United States' hostile asylum policies, since Camila tried to flee the violence she faced, only to be deported back to danger by the US authorities.

Lebanon’s criminal defamation laws are being instrumentalized by the powerful to silence many of the activists involved in the nationwide protest movement. These politically motivated prosecutions underscore the need for Parliament to repeal laws criminalizing free speech.”  Michael Page, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.

International Women's Day in Kyrgyzstan is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, as about 70 women's activists were detained for hours on March 8, after having been attacked by a mob of men during a peaceful march in the capital Bishkek. At least three journalists were also detained.