Syrian War Enters Tenth Year: Daily Brief

We can't afford another year of war in Syria; armed conflict eastern Ukraine hits refugees with disabilities hard; reporters in China push back against coronavirus propaganda; regime arrests hundreds in Saudi Arabia; Australian special forces may have committed war crimes in Afghanistan; and Greece's deeply problematic deportation of 450 people from Lesbos.

The war in Syria has now been going on for 9 years, and there is no end in sight. Human Rights Watch has published new research today, on retaliation against civilians who chose to remain behind in areas retaken by the Assad regime in Idlib. Also check out this new webpage, focusing on the fate of Syria's children

People who don't flee areas recaptured by the Assad regime are risking severe forms of retaliation. Government forces appear to have killed civilians and dispoiled their bodies. 

The armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine has displaced close to 1.5 million people, and the consequences for people with disabilities are immense. Read their stories here.

The authorities in China are cracking down on the coronavirus media coverage, trying to control the narrative. But reporters and human rights activists are fighting back.

In what could be a war crime, witnesses state that Australian soldiers have killed unarmed Afghan civilians

And over the weekend, Greece started the covert process of deporting 450 asylum seekers. Veiled in secrecy, it seems that their asylum claims will not be considered: the Greek authorities are violating international law.