Greece Meets Asylum Seekers with Violence: Daily Brief

Plus: new evidence shows that Iraqi forces deliberately killed protesters; the United Nations should not withdraw their protection for Sudanese citizens; NGOs need access to Syrian prisons to deliver necessary healthcare; a political and constitutional drama in Russia; Algeria unjustly prosecutes a prominent journalist; online criticism of China's response to the coronavirus met with crackdown; and finally, a personal take on life during Italy's lockdown.

In Greece, asylum seekers who try to enter the country are met with severe violence. While both Greek security forces and unidentified armed men detain, assault, rob, sexually assault and strip them, top EU officials have have been praising and providing support for the Greek approach.

A new 3D reconstruction shows how Iraqi security forces deliberately killed protesters in Baghdad last October.

The United Nations and the African Union have proposed to limit the UN's protection role in Sudan. This plan falls short for vulnerable communities in Darfur, who are in dire need of protection.

Syria's prisons hold tens of thousands of detainees, many of whom have been arbitrarily detained, who are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus outbreak. There's an urgent need for humanitarian organizations to be granted access to the prisons, so that the detainees can receive the life-saving assistance that they need.

Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, is spinning yet another political and constitutional drama...

In Algeria, a prominent journalist was arrested while covering the pro-democracy demonstrations in the country.

China's internet police are arresting hundreds for 'digital misdeeds', mostly people criticizing the government's handling of the coronavirus outbreak.