Kenya Police Violence Mars Pandemic Response: Daily Brief

People with HIV cannot easily access medication in Egypt; living in overcrowded conditions on the Greek island camps during Covid-19; more protection required against domestic violence in Iraq; Cameroon admits army involvement in attacks in the north; Syrian refugees in Lebanon face discriminatory restrictions; Gaza's permanent lockdown.

Police have killed, beaten and extorted people, and broken into homes and shops while enforcing a curfew meant to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Kenya.

Egypt should ensure that people living with HIV can continue to safely access lifesaving medication during the Covid-19 crisis.

Migrants in the Greek islands camps live in overcrowded spaces with little access to water or healthcare, a huge risk factor during the pandemic.

Lawmakers in Iraq have not done enough to protect women from domestic violence.

After a public denial about these killings recently, Cameroon officials have now announced that soldiers and militia shot and killed 13 civilians in the northwest of the country in February

As a Covid-19 response, some Lebanese municipalities have imposed extra curfew restrictions on Syrian refugees.

The pandemic will eventually subside, and the world will begin to open again. But Gaza’s two million Palestinians will remain in a man-made lockdown so long as Israel continues to impose its cruel closure.

And finally, the latest press freedom report analyzes what journalism and the right to information looks like during crises.