No Hiding in Germany - Syria Torture Trial Opens: Daily Brief

Plus: Ten million EU citizens now live under authoritarian rule; Central Asia should respect rights in Covid-19 response; Facebook caves in and silences dissidents in Vietnam; EU solidarity could change children's lives; tell the Trump administration to protect asylum seekers; massacres by Islamist Armed groups in Burkina Faso; and new HRW's Instagram interview happening today.

Today, a court in Germany will hear the first ever criminal trial about torture by state agents during Syria’s nearly decade-long armed conflict. This is an important chance for victims to see justice done and shows that courts, even thousands of miles away from where the atrocities occurred, can play a critical role in combating impunity.

With Hungary becoming a dictatorship, ten million EU citizens now live under authoritarian rule. "How many millions more will have to suffer the loss of their freedoms before Europe's leaders draw the line?" asks HRW's executive director Kenneth Roth in the EU Observer.

Governments in Central Asia have failed to consistently uphold human rights obligations in their responses to the Covid-19 pandemic by limiting access to information and implementing restrictions in discriminatory or arbitrary ways, Human Rights Watch said in a new report released today.

Facebook has set a terrible precedent by caving in to the government of Vietnam’s extortion by restricting posts of dissident voices and removing content criticizing the government.

The Netherlands and Sweden - and all EU members - should do the right thing and join those countries that have pledged to receive and provide care to dozens of children from Greece’s overcrowded and dangerous camps.

The Trump administration is using a public health crisis as a pretext to suspend the basic right to seek asylum. Join us and leave a comment here telling the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) that you oppose returning asylum seekers to harm.

And finally, don't miss out on another episode of HRW's interviews on Instagram, today focused on people with disabilities during the pandemic, with our disability rights director Shanta Rau Barriga.